ABOUT Denzell

Denzell Otis Perry is a person who has "walked a mile" in the shoes of Compton's youth. He successfully navigated gang infested neighborhoods, sat in classrooms uncertain of his future and was told he had a learning disability. His story mirrors many of today's students.


Despite Perry's hardships, he graduated from high school with honors, became a National Youth of the Year Finalist for Boys & Girls Club of America, attended the University of California, Irvine where he majored in Criminology, Law, and Society and now attends Menlo College where he is earning a degree in Human Resource Management. In addition, he has become a mentor for countless teens and young people. Denzell wants to be an example for students born and raised in communities like Compton that their beginning is not their end. Denzell sets out to "Connect! Discover! and Inspire!" young people to reach their goals. Living by the principal of not just "beating the odds" but changing them all together.


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