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Sending a Happy Mother's Day to a Queen!

#BecauseOfHer, I am HERE! It's hard to pack up and leave a place that you know — whether's that's your hometown, a school, community, city, or even your country.

Shout out to one of grandmothers, Dr. Gloria C. Esiobu, who immigrated to the United States from Nigeria in the 1970s. She packed up and moved away from her comfort zone and blossomed into a strong, confident, and brave #Queen. She embraced the world around her and took up every opportunity to build a legacy for us to follow in.

She earned her high school diploma at a time in our history when it wasn't encouraged for young women to pursue education. She later earned a B.A. degree, several masters degrees in Math and Science, and later, Ph.Ds in Physics and Education, and an Ed.D in Organizational Leadership.

She taught at several elite universities before finding her true passion in education: working as an A.P. Physics teacher and serving as director of the science department at Dominguez High School in Compton, CA. There she impacted the lives of several individuals who have followed in similar footsteps.

Because of her, I am one step closer to my goals of earning my Ph.D, J.D., and becoming the President of the United States of America. She paved a path for me to follow in, and she is the reason I moved across the state, left my comfort zone, and followed my passion. I am now living in the Bay and pursuing my dreams #BecauseOfHer.

She is the true example of love, dedication, faith, determination, and triumph. Thank you, Grandma - I love you.