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A Mother's Love - Dedication to a Queen!

#BecauseOfHer, I am STRONG! It's hard to raise a family by yourself in the Projects in Watts and the community of Compton; while, ensuring that your kids do not become another statistic.

My Mother, Sherry Jordan Jackson, worked tirelessly to create a foundation for our family. She dropped out of school at the age of 16 years old after having my oldest sibling. Later she returned to school at the age of 28 to earn her high school diploma. We struggled and at the same time never wanted for anything. My mother worked hard to build a foundation where all of her children received scholarships to attend a four year university, all are self-reliant, and all are on our pathway to success.

Despite her obstacles – she later earned her high school diploma, a degree in nursing, and currently works as a nurse in Los Angeles, CA. In addition, she currently owns (in collaboration with my sisters) a Christian based clothing line. .

My mother is truly an inspiration to everyone she comes into contact with. She devoted her life to building a strong legacy within her kids! For that reason – my number one goal in life is to retire her by her 50th birthday. She has devoted her life to raising my siblings and I. Now I will ensure she enjoys the remainder of her long life on this earth.

Because of her, I am one step closer to my goals of earning my Ph.D, J.D., and becoming the President of the United States of America. She paved a path for me to follow in, and she is one of the reason I moved across the state, left my comfort zone, and followed my passion. I am now living in the Bay and pursuing my dreams #BecauseOfHer.

She is the true example of when your works cross paths of your faith – “where faith meets opportunity.” Thank you mom for making me the strong, confident, and the brave man of God that I Am today! I love you!